One of the mottos of the Village of Elk Rapids, Michigan, population 1,700, is “Where Family Is Everything.” That certainly jives with Ed Hammer, owner of Wooden Hammer Ltd. Ed Hammer was a manufacturer's rep in St. Louis and found himself on the road all the time...away from his family. He and his wife decided to risk everything, switch professions (turning a hobby into a calling), and move to northern Michigan, an area where they had vacationed a lot. They fell in love with Elk Rapids and its one stop light, bought a home, and began their cabinetry business in 1989 out of a pole barn on their property.

Elk Rapids’ traditional, small town values mirror Wooden Hammer’s family values: honesty, integrity, strong work ethic, faith, family, caring and compassion, and trust just to name a few.

In a small town, you know your customers. They are your neighbors and friends. You’ve grown up with them, gone to school with them…you see many of them every day.

That’s the way we, the Wooden Hammer Ltd. family, feel about all of our customers. They deserve that same respect and caring, and we give it to them.