The Wooden Hammer Ltd. Signature Collection is our crowning achievement. It is the finest example of custom cabinetry you will probably ever experience. Every single aspect of each detail has been considered in the manufacture of Signature cabinets, in order to produce the ultimate tribute to cabinetmaking. Feel the finish...pull out a drawer...treat yourself to a completely new appreciation of the way cabinets can be produced when you marry hand-selected wood with technologically precise manufacturing machinery. Built for perfection. That’s the Wooden Hammer Ltd. Signature Collection.

To Wooden Hammer Ltd., custom cabinetry means custom. Everything is built here in our shop to fit your unique space. There are no standard size modules and no restrictions placed on cabinet size (except the ability to transport into the actual space on the job site). There is infinite modification potential available in our full custom cabinetry that is limited only by your imagination. We outsource nothing. We design, engineer, and produce all the doors and drawers, and build and finish the entire project here in our facility. Everything from the wood utensil dividers to the Lazy Susan trays are made by us under our control. You will find every wood accessory receives the same attention to finishing detail as our cabinetry, and they all have that distinctive Wooden Hammer Ltd. feel.

• Full 3/4” maple veneer plywood case construction
(no particle board, ever)
• Cases are completely finished by hand in-house
• Solid 3/4” maple plywood decks and ceilings
• 1/4” maple veneer plywood backs dadoed into sides and deck
• Adjustable leg system at four corners for stability
• Removable toe-kick system provides under-cabinet access
• Double-bottom wall cabinets accommodate lighting fixtures
• Wall cabinet bottoms are flush with bottom rails, and are finished
to match
• Fully dovetailed drawers of 3/4” solid maple with 75 lb. load capacity
• 1/4” maple plywood drawer bottom captured in a dado slot
• Fully adjustable 3/4” maple plywood shelves
• Durable, catalyzed natural finish on all cabinet drawers, shelves,
and accessories