We started Wooden Hammer Ltd. to build cabinets for homes. Like most cabinetmakers, we built furniture for ourselves in our spare time.
But as we built and sold more and more cabinets to customers, we often heard, “We have looked everywhere, and we just can’t find the furniture pieces we want for this house.” At that point, in a desire to help our customers, we inadvertently became furniture builders as well. Customers would bring us drawings and photos of the pieces they liked, and we would either duplicate them or combine the design elements of many pieces into one.

Look through our brief photo gallery at the bottom of the page. We can create virtually any piece, in any style you desire. It generally takes 12 to 14 weeks to design and build a special order custom piece. Send us a photo or a rough sketch, or both, and we will be able to furnish you an estimate of the cost. You may be pleasantly suprised.